Adventure Log: Session 7

Characters Present: Beak, Erik, Horacio, Jak, Jim, Valindra.

After the encounter with the Viru in the forest outside of Ravenshore, the party awoke to find their most precious items missing from the Angry Owlbear! Horacio’s recipe book (containing the recipe for the incredible Longbottom Ale) had been taken, along with Jim’s sword, Jak’s scarf, some of Erik’s supplies, and one valuable from all the other party members. The likely suspect was revealed in an instant— The Shade was sitting on the windowsill.

The Shade explained that he wanted to enlist our help in taking down a local city gang, The Demons. If we decided to help him, he would give us back what he had taken. Though the prospect of helping a vigilante and a wanted man did not appeal to all, the party reluctantly agreed to take on the Demons. The Shade explained that the gang was head by Cal Lugo, an aging man whose end goal was to open a portal to the Abyss or the Nine Hells. Many suspected his lieutenant, a Githzerai monk name Lara, of pulling the strings behind the senile figurehead of the Demon gang. When asked if he thought the Demons might be connected to the portals opening up around the city, the Shade admitted that it might be a possibility. We were told to meet him at the Black Bull Inn in one hour.

When we met the shade at the Black Bull, he revealed to us that there was a secret entrance to the Demons’ hideout in The Catacombs inside of the inn. The party hatched a plan to get access to the entrance without alerting the gang to their presence, and carried it out.

Once inside the lair of the Demons, the Shade broke off from the rest of the party, and we fought our way through devil-like creatures to the lair of Cal Ludo: the bedroom of a decrepit and corpulent old man. Immediately after we entered the room, a massive explosion rocked the catacombs, and part of the ceiling caved in. To the surprise of all present, Beak fell through the hole and into the room. Then, to the shock and horror of the entire group, Beak then began to kiss and caress Cal Ludo. It became immediately apparent that Cal Ludo was inhabited by the spirit of a succubus, and that it had charmed Beak into doing its bidding. As we fought the Ludo Succubus Lara, the Githzerai monk, burst into the room and rained a flurry of blows on the party.

When the succubus was finally taken down, Lara ran directly to it, and killed it outright. She said nothing of her reasons for doing so, and remained docile the moment after the succubus was killed. Though Lara had greatly angered many members of the party (and had even driven Zak into a frenzy), the desire for revenge was ultimately overlooked, and she taken into custody by Jim to be delivered to the police.

When the ordeal had ended, the Shade entered the room, and was greatly displeased by the fact that Cal Lugo had been killed. We explained that this was no fault of ours, and that Lara was the one who had killed Ludo. Soon after, the voices of Bullock and the police could be heard from the large hole in the ceiling. The Shade fled the scene, and other members of the party dispersed while Jim handed Lara over to the police.



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