Adventure Log: Session 8

Characters Present: Beak, Corrin, Enna, Erik, Jim, Horacio, Stasi, Valindra, Zak.

At the outset of this session, the party was notified that all magic-users would have to register with Ravenshore’s authorities. While this proved to be no more than a minor inconvenience to most party members, Beak caused quite the scene when he decided to attempt to register with a false ID, and was promptly arrested. He was not heard from again for some time afterwards, and the misadventures that inevitably occurred during his imprisonment remain a mystery to the rest of the party.

A few days passed, and it was announced that a new year was about to begin in Ravenshore. The streets of the city were filled with happy citizens dressed in gold for the occasion. The city, too, was filled with gold decorations—which as the party learned is symbolic of an age of prosperity brought about by a Draconic “golden emperor” in the past. Parade lines marched their way through the city, and carnival games and activities were scattered all about.

At the Angry Owlbear, Stasi and Horacio remained busy cooking food and serving fine ale to the influx of patrons who wanted to usher in the New Year with booze and fine gastro-pub cuisine. Corrin made a small fortune hustling carnival games and high-stakes card tables, while Erik scraped together a few coppers pretending to be a panhandler on the side of the road. In an effort to take his law enforcement duties more seriously, Jim patrolled the streets on the lookout for drunkards that might put a damper on the festivities. Enna found her way to Varahallusk and Daurosk, who explained part of the history and symbolism of the New Years celebration: Varahallusk explained that the “golden emperor” was in fact a metallic dragon who ruled the continent of Aulonia in the past. Many of the citizens of Ravenshore look back to his reign quite fondly, which is why the New Years celebration is held largely in his honor. Daurosk had little more to contribute than loud complaints about how nobody in the city cared about the actual history behind the celebration.

As the festivities continued on the city streets, it was decided that the time was ripe for a return to the city’s underground. To his everlasting shame, Jim fulfilled an earlier promise he made to Stasi and bought him drugs from Tort. However, in an effort to redeem himself he did manage to boot out a few crooked cops from the premises, and gather some intelligence about the workings of the fight club. The party once again participated in the group fighting tournament, and took down a gang of marginally tough Dragonborn fighters.

Just as the party had settled into the relaxed atmosphere of the celebration, they spotted hooded figures on the roof of a nearby building. A heavy tremor was felt in the ground, and soon it was clear that the hooded figures were opening another portal in the city. A volcanic portal soon burst out of the ground, with hot lava spewing forth from it onto the streets. Jim and Valindra attempted to chase down the hooded figures, but they vanished without a trace—leaving behind an open portal to the Elemental Chaos, and a massive Cataclysm Dragon.

Erik pushed aside his fear of fire, and set out to protect Jim while he worked on closing up the portal. Meanwhile, Stasi and Zak kept the dragon busy by quite literally mashing it into a flaming pulp, with Valindra and Enna providing backup and healing. After a tough fight the dragon was taken down, and the portal was sealed. The party made it through the ordeal mostly unscathed, although Valindra did venture precariously close to a pool of hot lava.

With the situation finally under control, the party worked their way back down to the streets from the rooftops, while Bullock, the Chief, and a group of police officers arrived on the scene. While the party expected some sort of congratulations or rewards for their heroic efforts, Enna and Jim were instead promptly placed under arrest for the illegal use of magic.



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