Adventure Log: Session 9

Characters Present: Erik, Horacio, Stasi, Valindra, and a special Guest Star: Brittany as the Black Dragon.

Enna and Jim remained in prison for the duration of this session, with assurance from the police that their arrest was merely a formality, and that they would be released soon. Beak’s arrest, however, was far more than a formality, and the police made no such assurances in his case. Finally, before the session began Corrin announced that he would be away for some time on a mysterious expedition to the continent.

At the beginning of this session, the city was attacked by a large and menacing Black Dragon. By the time the party arrived on the scene, the dragon had fled and left behind a heavily-wounded and unconscious Shade, Richard (who was familiar to Erik, but was introduced to the rest of the party), and the distraught parents of two children that the Black Dragon had kidnapped before it fled the city. The Shade’s injuries revealed to the party that there was more to him than meets the eye, for beneath his Eladrin skin were the scales of a metallic dragon. There was little time to question the Shade about his true nature, as the party had only a short window of time within which they could track down the Black Dragon, and save the children.

After several hours of tracking the Black Dragon, the party came upon a series of ruins in the swamps. In the center of the ruins lay a temple at the top of a pyramid-like structure—the lair of the Black Dragon. The party approached the temple cautiously, and upon closer inspection it was made clear that it was a temple of Bahamut. As he neared the temple, an unsettling feeling descended over Horacio, as he could not feel the presence of his god. His powers and prayers still retained their effect, however, so he pressed on with the rest of the party.

As the party ascended the steps to the temple, they heard splashes and screams, and saw the Black Dragon situated in front of a large pool of water. When the screams died off, it was clear to all present that the children were in danger. The party confronted the Black Dragon, but it was in no mood for conversation, and attacked immediately.

The Black Dragon targeted Valindra first, grabbing her and dragging her down into a deep pool of water. The two children were on the cusp of death, and the rest of the party worked hard to save them. Meanwhile, Valindra struggled heroically with the Black Dragon, but the beast retaliated quickly and viciously—clawing and biting her as it dragged her into the depths of the water.

Stasi managed to fish the children out of the pool of water, and with Erik’s help managed to revive one of the children. Horacio tried desperately to save the other child, but despite his best efforts the other died in his arms. Stasi carried the surviving child away from the temple and concealed the child and himself in the swamp, hoping to avoid the Black Dragon.

Now that the children were dealt with, the part could shift its focus back to the Black Dragon. Since neither the dragon nor Valindra had returned from the depths of the water for some time, Erik and Horacio could only presume that the worst had happened. Horacio made a fruitless attempt to see deeper into the pool with radiant magic. Defeated and enraged by the cruelty of the Black Dragon, Horacio blasted the water with lightning in an attempt to flush the vile beast out of hiding. In doing so, he was faced with the damning guilt which stemmed from knowing that his attack would hurt his friend equally as much as it would his enemy.

The dragon emerged from the underbelly of the swamp, and managed to expose Stasi and the child despite Stasi’s effort to conceal them. As the party fought with the Black Dragon, they noticed that it was covered with numerous magical glyphs, which pulsed and surged whenever it was hit by magical attacks. When the dragon finally fell, the glyphs exploded, and a deafening crack was heard across the entire island.

Immediately after this occurred, a portal opened inside the temple and Hannah Eladrin stepped out of it. She was incredibly distraught, and asked the party what had just happened. She explained that she had made a deal with the Black Dragon, and that in exchange for the overlooking the kidnapping of children now and again, the dragon would maintain magical wards to block the opening of the portals within the city. She explained that despite her considerable command of the arcane arts, she simply did not have the energy to protect the city on her own. The tragedy surrounding the death of Valindra and the kidnapped child was now compounded with the realization that Ravenshore was vulnerable and in peril.



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