Jim Quarion

A fire-loving Eladrin sorcerer who has joined the Ravenshore police force.


Jim is a well built man who stands at about 5’10". Though Eladrin are usually lithely built, he is bulkier than is typical for his race. His armor and equipment looks rough and worn, but hardy. There are many small burns and tears on his clothes covered by patches and fresh stitches. He keeps traveling, and his face is usually covered with dirt and surrounded by unruly hair from being unable to groom for several days at a time. He’s not a handsome man, and despite being rather rugged and plain-looking he still has the capacity to be charming and persuasive when he wishes to be.


Jim is quite forthcoming about his life and his past, and will talk about his life to almost anyone that he feels he can trust. He grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Cordell called Canton. His father was a Wizard, and a lieutenant in Duncan’s army before magic was outlawed. He was knowledgeable in the arcane arts, and used magic to aid the rebellion. Once Duncan became king, and declared magic to be punishable by death, his father was executed.

He was just a boy when his father was killed. The soldiers who had fought beside him for many years were forced to kill him, but they couldn’t bear to kill the young child. The soldiers lied to their superiors, telling them that the boy had no magical abilities.

His father taught him a great deal about magic throughout his childhood, but after his death Jim had to pick up where he had left off. The majority of what he knows of the arcane arts he had to teach himself, and fill in the blanks as best he could. As a result, the magic he possesses—while potent—lacks the sort of polish and control that a Wizard might command. He developed an affinity with Fire early on in his magical practice, and has favored it ever since.

While Jim tries to remain calm and level-headed in combat, he can become reckless when he has taken enough of a beating. With the destructive powers at his command, this could end up putting him in danger is he is pushed too far.

His mother still lives in the village that he grew up in. Every few years, he tries to make the journey back to his home town to make sure that she is alright. Having fled to Ravenshore, he has to come to terms with the fact that he might not see her again—at least not for a long while. He carries his father’s sword. It looks very plain—standard military issue—and has not been decorated in any way. The edge of the blade is lined with small chips, but is nonetheless well-maintained.

Jim traveled to Ravenshore because his arcane abilities developed to the point that he had become incredibly dependent upon them. This made them much harder to hide than before, and left him vulnerable in a world where magic was outlawed.

Jim Quarion

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