King Duncan (formerly Count) is the current ruler of Aulonia and a direct descendant of the legendary heroes Erikko and Kratos.

During the period of martial law imposed by Aulonia’s council of elders, Count Duncan raised a small army of volunteers and mercenaries, and rode across the kingdom, destroying monsters and defending the people. His popularity grew immensely over time. Soldiers and knights of the kingdom renounced their allegiances and joined Duncan in the hope of restoring peace and order.

Aulonia’s military was so weakened by the desertions that a rebellion took place in Cordell. The insurgents demanded that Duncan replace King Balric and Queen Kamal. Duncan at first refused, but it soon became obvious that acceptance would be the best method of restoring order.

Soon Duncan’s true goals were revealed: his army began exterminating magic-users and magical creatures alike, barring them from escaping across the sea. He is unflinching in his campaign: he will not spare a magical creature for any reason—age, gender, race, or loyalty.

Duncan and his historians are searching for loopholes in Ravenholm’s Treaty that would allow him to occupy Ravenshore and enforce his anti-magic laws there as well.


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