Cal Lugo

Cal Lugo is the head of the Five Claws crime organization; the inner circle behind the Devils.Cal Lugo is a succubus. Cal uses her hold over Lara to control the inner circle and the organization’s affiliates.

Cal was originally summoned to Ravenshore by a pair of Hannah Eladrin’s apprentices, who were trying to summon a familiar from the Astral Sea. They screwed up, and Cal went free, using her charisma and seductive abilities to work her way up the ranks over the years, and eventually gained control of the Devils..

Cal has summoned other, lesser devils to serve as her muscle, disguising them as humanoid creatures (legion devil grunts and spined devils). The wards around Ravenshore are complex; Cal has learned to bypass them for summoning allies.

Her sole purpose in controlling the Five Claws was originally to find a way to return home, but she is beginning to enjoy the degree of control she possesses, and the pleasures she can obtain. She continues her research but is no longer certain whether she will actually return home when she finds a way.

Cal Lugo

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