The primary duelling league is owned and operated by The Gryphons. Matches take place regularly at The Warehouse.

Duellists are represented by a manager who arranges fights (duellists can independently manage themselves; bigger managers own several fighters); regular seasons determine matchups for the yearly tournaments. There are singles and doubles divisions, further divided into lightweight and heavyweight classes; and a free-for-all division where anything goes, up to eight entrants per team. Despite the option to register seight combatants in the free-for-all division, group entrants are very rare, because they usually can’t work together well enough to take down experienced duellists.

Tort is one of the biggest duelling managers.

There is no official ruling on whether the loser of a match dies-—usually combats are over as soon as one’s opponent drops, but there is no guarantee that the winner won’t execute the loser.


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